J.Sumerinli: losses of Azerbaijani Armed Forces over 22 years of armistice amounted to about 2,000 people


Over the 22 years after the entry into force the ceasefire on May 12, 1994 to April 7 at the line of line of contact troops between Armenian and Azerbaijani Armed Forces the losses amounted to 2000 killed and wounded, reported the Institute of Military Studies „Khazar“ (Caspian Defense Studies Institute).


According to the head of this structure Jasur Sumerinli, during the period the Armenians killed 785 Azerbaijani soldiers, the number of wounded amounted to more than 850 people.

„The results of our monitoring, the information received from military sources, as well as from parents of soldiers allow us to determine the approximate number of losses,“ said Sumerinli.

According to him, another 125 soldiers were killed by mine explosions. For this reason, more than 240 military were wounded. Over the reported period as a result of the shelling were injured more than 70 civilians. The death toll of civilians has exceeded 30 people. From mine explosions were killed 35 civilians, another 52 were wounded. Also during this period 10 civilians were taken hostage by Armenians, and later released.

During 22 years more than 30 Azerbaijani soldiers were captured, and five of them were sent to third countries, and the rests were returned. Sumerinli does not exclude that in reality the number of dead and injured could be higher.



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