Azerbaijani Army Liberates Several Settlements and Heights


In the course of today’s heavy fighting, the Azerbaijani army managed to liberate several important settlements and heights in Karabakh. The most serious progress was achieved in the north of Karabakh, where the villages Seysulan, Talish and Madagiz were liberated. The heights around these villages, from where the enemy shelled Terter and other places, were also liberated.

During the fighting up to 100 Armenian soldiers were killed and wounded, 15 guns, 6 tanks and other equipment were destroyed. The loss of the Azeri side is 12 soldiers, a tank and a helicopter. This is stated in the official report of the Ministry of Defense.

According to the same source, serious progress was also achieved on the southern front, where the troops liberated an important height Lala Tepe allowing them to control the Khudaferin bridge and the southern part of the Fizuli and Jabrail districts occupied by the Armenians.

In their turn, Armenian sources confirmed reports of the surrender of Talish and Madagiz, saying the local population was running away to Khankendi in panic.

Commenting on the results of today’s fights for Turan, a former high-ranking officer of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan noted that the heights in the Talish village were the very place, from where the Armenians threatened to bombard the Mingechevir water reservoir.

„Today, those dreams of the Armenians were buried,“ he said, adding that the Azerbaijani troops consolidated in the liberated areas and the furious attempts of the Armenians to return the lost positions were successfully repulsed.
As the military sources said, the successful movement of the Azerbaijani troops occurs in three directions simultaneously.


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