Georgia: National Defence Policy and 5 principles

National defence policy is an inalienable part of the country’s security policy, which supports territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia, its Euro-Atlantic integration and strengthening of regional and international stability.

Defence policy determines the objectives and missions of the GAF taking into account major defence priorities and development directions set out under the framework of the Strategic Defence Review process. Effective command of the GAF, its capability development and identification of priorities necessary for accomplishing these objectives are based on effective defence system management principles. The national defence policy, defence planning and execution process should be based on the following principles:

  • Democratic Control – democratic control of the Armed Forces is a key principle of defence policy, implying that decisions on development and use of the GAF, acquisition of armament and other material means, as well as the use of its existing resources are taken under democratic and civil control.
  • Non-confrontation – Georgian defence policy is non-confrontational in its nature and articulates a peaceful approach to conflict resolution. Georgia pursues friendly neighbourhood policy and does not regard its own Armed Forces as a foreign policy instrument. In addition, any use of the GAF must be fully in line with the principles and norms of international law.
  • Transparency and Accountability – Georgian defence policy is based on the principles of transparency and accountability implying inculcation of Good Governance practice within defence system, maximum openness of defence business processes as well as effective and efficient outsourcing. It also means increasing the Ministry’s accountability to Parliament and civil society.
  • Human Capital Oriented Management – Highly qualified and motivated personnel are the cornerstone for institutional development of a defence system. This is achieved by adopting a comprehensive human resource management system based on equality, transparency and fairness which promotes the development and sustainment of the institution’s stability.
  • Economy of Defence Resources – Defence planning and management is carried out with limited resources. The elaboration of defence plans and their execution process is based on prioritisation and rational use of those resources.


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