Since the beginning of 2015 the loss of Azerbaijani Armed Forces made up of 38 people

Loss of defense and security sector of Azerbaijan over six months in 2015 amounted to 38 people. Of them 15 fights (14 killed by the Armenian bullets, one hit a mine), 23 – not combat, reported the Institute of Military Studies „Khazar“, referring to the media monitoring and social networking.


According to the same source, seven soldiers committed suicide, 6 – were victims of hazing (shooting colleagues), 3 died as a result of carelessness, 2 – came under an avalanche, 1 – died from the disease.

32 dead, were servicemen Defense Ministry, 3 – State Border Service, 2 – MES, and one – MNS.

Over the reported period seven soldiers were wounded or injured. At the same time, four were wounded at the front, one was blown up by a mine, one suffered as a result of hazing, another accident.

Of the wounded, six representatives of the Ministry of Defense, and one from MES.

The Institute does not rule out that the actual number of casualties defense and security sector ismore.

Institute for Military Studies „Khazar“ was created in 2014 in Germany by Jasur Sumerenli who was persecuted in Azerbaijan and was forced to seek asylum.

The aim is to analyze the structure of the processes in the sectors of defense and security in the countries of the Caspian Basin, as well as Armenia and Georgia, to prepare a strategic forecast.

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