Caspian Defense Studies Institute starts monitoring

The Institute for Military Studies Khazar (Caspian Defense Studies Institute) starts monitoring the human rights situation in the security and defense sector of Azerbaijan. It is reported by the information department of the structure.

cdsiThe monitoring will cover the issues of social well-being of military personnel and civilian employees, reporting the army to the Parliament and the public expenditure transparency in military spending, the investigation of criminal offenses in military units, combat and non-combat losses, conscription, corruption and bribery, and others.

According to the analyst of the Institute Khazar Jasur Sumerinli, despite the allocation of 4 billion dollars for military and security affairs, in the Armed Forces and other military units there are serious human rights problems. This is manifested mainly in the lack of pay, poor social protection and a high level of soldiers‘ deaths.

The monitoring report will be made public.

The report did not specify where the Institute of Defense Studies Khazar is based and who its founders are.

Note that Jasur Sumerinli was known as a journalist and an expert specializing in the study of military issues. Previously, he reported pressure on him in connection with his activities. Sumerinli headed the Center for Journalism Military Studies Doctrine.

In particular, he told Turan, that because of pressure from the authorities in September 2014, he was forced to leave the country. For these reasons, he was forced to work abroad in a European country for an indefinite term.

Recall that at the end of August last year, the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev held a meeting at which he condemned a number of experts and media for criticizing the army.

Mehdieyv warned that such publications contain disclosure of military secrets and the guilty will be punished severely. After this, the next wave of pressure and harassment of the press started.


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